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Retreat to Cikiong Of Mangrove Nature Tourism Object in West Java, Tommy Suharto Holds Dialogue with The Pond Farmers

Bye: Darsen Tajudin

KARAWANG, WEST JAVA, TINTABIRU.COM – Hutomo Mandala Putra, or familiarly called Tommy Soeharto, saw the appearance of Cikiong mangrove natural attractions in Sedari Village, Cibuaya Sub-district, which were then free for visitors who came, on Sunday (19/1/2019) morning.

Tommy Soeharto with the Berkarya Party cadres of West Java when doing a trail to the natural attractions of mangrove forests, in Sedari Village, Subdistrict of Cibuaya, on Sunday (19/1/19) morning

“Today, we free anyone who wants to visit the Cikiong mangrove natural attraction. Because, Tommy Suharto, today will hold a trail on the inscription signed by his father, the Second President of the Republic of Indonesia, H.M. Suharto, “said Suyana, the Head of the Cibuaya Forest Management Resort (KRPH).

The arrival of Tommy Soeharto as General Chair of the Berkarya Party was accompanied by cadres and candidates for legislative members in West Java who received special escort from the ranks of the Karawang police station. Tommy came to Karawang using a helicopter which was planned to be landed in the field where the helipad was not far from the Cikiong mangrove natural attraction.

But, due to weather conditions, the helicopter carrying Tommy Soeharto was forced to land in the Langseb Hamlet, the Kertaraharja Village, Pedes Subdistrict at around 09.30 a.m.

Tommy Suharto and his entourage then headed to Cikiong’s mangrove natural attraction using four-wheeled vehicles. The group passed the front line of Cibuaya Sector Police, through Srikamulyan Village, Tirtajaya Subdistrict and arrived at the location around 10.20 a.m.

The arrival of Tommy Soeharto was welcomed by people of Sedari village, especially the elderly who had witnessed the signing of the “World Food Day Inscription” and mass tree planting for the forest conservation and food self-sufficiency on the 18 October 1991 signed by the second President of the Republic of Indonesia, H.M. Suharto.

Although heavy rains flushing Sedari Village, Tommy Soeharto continued to hold dialogues with the pond farmers. On this occasion, Tommy Soeharto expressed his concern by the government due to the absence of post-reform development benchmarks.

“The benchmark we mean is to act for this nation concretely, such as the 5-year short-term and 25-year long-term development plan called Repelita and the Broad Guidelines of the State Policy (GBHN) that existed during the New Order government. How do we want to build a country that is so big if without careful planning, without clear targets, while we only rely on the annual APBN and APBD and it is impossible to develop and advance. God willing, together with the Repelita Working Party and the GBHN can be revived, “said Tommy Suharto.

After holding a dialogue with pond farmers, Tommy Soeharto and his entourage then entered the BKPH Cikiong area of ​​the natural tourist attraction of the mangrove forest to find out the conditions inside. (*)

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