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A Sniper Shot The Highest Leader of the Islamic Defenders Front, Habib Rizieq Syihab

By: Hasan Basri

JAKARTA, TINTABIRU.COM – The Highest Leader of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), Habib Rizieq Syihab, was reportedly shot by a sniper a few days ago. The news of the attempted murder of Habib Rizieq Syihab was presented by Chairman of Presidium 212, Ustadz Ansufri Idrus Sambo, when interviewed by journalists.

“It is true that Habib Rizieq was shot by a sniper, but he escaped from a shot, the bullet lead aimed at misspelling and on the pavilion, it happened on last Tuesday,” Ansufri Idrus Sambo said to the journalist at the office of the National Commission of Human Rights (Komnas HAM) Central Jakarta, Friday (4/28/2017).

He said, at the home of Habib Rizieq in Megamendung, Bogor, West Java, there are indeed pavilion commonly used for dhikr. Ustadz Ansufri called a bullet that landed in the pavilion, not far from where Habib Rizieq dhikr.

“At that time he just finished dhikr morning in front of house, there is a pavilion, that’s when the mysterious shooter release the bullet, but the Bullet not hit Habib Rizieq’s body,” he said.

After the incident, the guard at Habib Rizieq’s residence was tightened. Not waiting for a long time, The Highest Leader of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), Habib Rizieq Syihab immediately took care of everything so that he and his extended family could soon leave his country to go to KSA as well umroh to the holy land.

“One day after the shooting incident, Habib Rizieq immediately brought along his family of 18 people departed to Saudi Arabia,” he explained.

Ansufri says if he also helped take care of any preparation including a departure visa.

“He is a islamic scholar, he has many networks, so many helper want to help him,” he said.

Ansufri confirmed that although the shooting case against Habib Rizieq was not reported to the police, but according to him, Habib Rizieq has kept the bullet and will soon hold a press conference in the near future.

Previously, members of the Legal Advocacy Team GNPF MUI Kapitra Ampera, justify the departure of Habib Rizieq abroad. But according to him, the departure is because it is running umroh worship to the holy land.

“Habib Rizieq and his family now in Madinah, they are going to umroh,” said Kapitra, Thursday.

Kapitra said, Habib Rizieq and his family plan to return to Indonesia next week. (*)

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