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The Beautiful Girl From Italy Lured to Javanese Men through Facebook, She Desperates to Indonesia and Taking Marry Direct

By: Hasan Basri

BATANG, TINTABIRU.COM – The era of sophisticated technology such as today allows people to be mate after acquaintance through facebook social networking, although separated by distance and time.

This real story happened to Dzulfikar, the man from Batang Central Java District, who established love through facebook social networking with a beautiful girl from Italy, called ilaria. For a long time establishing love through cyberspace and curious with the man from Central Java Trunk, Finally ilaria desperate to come to see dzulfikar.

For the sake of being able to meet her idol heart, the Italian girl then saves money for travel expenses to Indonesia.

Finally, on April 18, 2017 yesterday, Ilaria visited Indonesia and immediately look for dzulfikar address located in Tragung Village, Kandeman District, Batang District.

Arriving at the address in question, finally ilaria met with her idol, Dzufikar. Although this first-time meeting was the first time for both of them, the couple admitted that they already felt the same fit and agreed to get married soon.

“For two years I raised money and worked in a restaurant in Italy just to come to Indonesia and to meet dzulfikar. We both feel right and will soon be married. This is already known to my parents in Italy, ” ilaria said .

It seems that the arrival of a foreign woman from Rome to Tragung Village, Kandeman Sub-district, Central Batang Regency Invites the attention of police officers. The Polices from Kandeman Police sector then monitor and check the activity of ilaria.

The Deputy of Police Sector of Kandeman, Police inspector one, Agus Windarto, along with three members directly checked into the Village Tragung. According to Deputy of Police Sector, the monitoring was conducted because of information from the citizen if the village of Tragung arrival of a foreign woman from Italy.

“Previously, we first coordinated in Tragung Village Hall. This is done to know the purpose of foreigners are coming to this village, “said Agus Windarto who delivered public relations Police Batang. After coordinating with the Village Tragung device, Agus Windarto went straight to the dzulfikar house.

Arriving at the dzulfikar residence, Agus Windarto with all three members was welcomed by the host. Agus said, The Monitoring and supervision of Foreigners is indispensable through mutual concern and active participation of the whole society. According to him, it is done through checking and data collection of immigration permit to every foreign citizen.

“Even today ilaria can eat papaya and tempe. Ilaria is good at English and Italian, while Dzulfikar is self-taught in understanding English, “he concluded. (*)

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