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Anshor Youth Movement of Jakarta Rejects the International Khilafah Conference. Chairman of Jakarta: Hizbut Tahrir Will Be change the Indonesia National principle

By: Hasan Basri

JAKARTA, TINTABIRU.COM – Anshor  Youth Movement of Jakarta issued a firm stance related to the plan of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) which will hold the agenda of the International Khilafah Forum 1438 H, with the theme “Khilafah Liability Syar’i Road Awakening People”.

According to one source, the agenda of  rebellion was originally to be held on this day, Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 19:30 to 23:00 pm at Balai Sudirman Building, Street Dr. Saharjo No. 268 Tebet of South Jakarta.

However, the original location will be used as a meeting place is suddenly rectified and moved to Ponpes Az-Zikra Sentul Bogor, West Java.

These sudden notices are disseminated through their closed group communication network. According to one of Balai Sudirman’s managers, it rejected the Khilafah Conference because it was allegedly a subversive action because it planned to replace Pancasila and The Unitary State of of the Indonesia Republic (NKRI).

The Chairman of Jakarta Anshor Youth Leadership Region, Abdul Azis, stated firmly refused and ready to disband the event if the police do the omission. “For us Hizbut Tahrir should not exist on Earth of Indonesia because their will be rejecting Pancasila and The Unitary State of of the Indonesia Republic,” Abdul Azis said , at Friday night yesterday (21/04/2017).

Abdul Aziz asserted, it will be at the forefront in refusing and dissolving activities to be held by Hizbut Tahrir in the area of ​​DKI Jakarta. “If they (Hizbut Tahrir) are still carrying out these activities in the area of ​​Jakarta, then we will Exert thousands of Anshor and Banser Youth personnel to the location of the event,” he said.

Anshor Jakarta Youth Movement handed over completely to the Bogor community, if the conference plan is held at boarding school Az-Zikra, Sentul Bogor, West Java. While he said, Hizbut Tahrir is an organization that will be change the Pancasila as the National Principle and The Unitary State of the Indonesia Republic. (*)

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